Thursday, July 12, 2012

PJ McGann - Sexuality/Gender/Stereotypes - 7/11/12

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Hi sexy people!

We have another interview for you this week, and I'm really excited for you to listen to it! We brought PJ McGann, a professor at the University of Michigan, into the station to talk about a multitude of topics, but primarily the break-down of sexuality, gender, and stereotypes that perpetuate heteronormativity. We also delve into bisexuality, and why being bisexual can be difficult with the stereotypes of both hetero- and homo-sexuals, as well as how both of those communities operate.

To be perfectly honest, I could talk all day about this topic, and it's unfortunate that we only have 30-minutes to give you the scoop. I really hope that we can have another show like this, and I would love your feedback on specifically what you would like to hear! Also, if you just want to chat about this topic (as broad as it is), I would love to hear from you! E-mail me!

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  • "Autant de lundis que le linge sur la corde à linge" by André Duchesne
  • "Squirrel Commotion" by Podington Bear
  • "Dreaming Women" from R.O.D. the TV OST 2

Tune in next week for a LIVE roundtable discussion with Sonya and I! 

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