Thursday, August 30, 2012

Erotica - 8/29/12

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Today's show is all about erotica, peeps. We talk a bit about the definition of erotica and what makes it different from pornography, but our main emphasis is on the written form of erotica, like romance novels.
Erotica (from the Greek ἔρως, eros "desire"): works of art, including literature, photography, film, sculpture and painting, that deal substantively with erotically stimulating or sexually arousing descriptions
A lot of people say that erotica is porn for women, and in a lot of ways that's true, but it also has a literary quality to it when it is done well, and done beautifully, which is something we all agreed on. A good example of this is "Delta of Venus" by Anaïs Nin, which I read a bit of on the July 4th episode. That said, I think that a lot of people separate things that are sexual, and things that are literary, which doesn't necessarily have to be true. In visual art, erotic things are often considered high art, but in the written form, it's called smut. This seems unfair to me, and is something Elissa has experienced firsthand with her erotica, which I read aloud in this episode as well. Hope I've piqued your interest. See you on the other side.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Roundtable: Real Men™ - 8/22/12

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Lucky for you, I was a bit lazy and didn't want to prerecord anything, so you got a LIVE show out of the deal. To be honest, I love doing live shows, especially when I have cool people like Steph and Elissa with me in the studio.

Today the topic we landed on was about a Jezebel article by Lindy West that I recently came upon and posted on my Facebook. This was a great read, and I got a lot of interesting responses from my friends, which I talked a little bit on the show (no names, don't worry guys). The main ideas of the article are that our society has ingrained us with an idea that there is an ideal kind of woman, and an ideal kind of man, and that we need to get as close as possible to that, as unrealistic, and unreasonable as it might be. Men have unrealistic expectations of how women should dress or act, and women can do the same thing. It's a two way street.

We also touch on a few mildly related topics, such as weddings, communication, and very small dogs. Enjoy the show!

Useful links:
  1. Jezebel article by Lindy West "Everything Real Men Think Is Wrong With You"
See you next week! As always, if you have any comments/suggestions/hate mail, please feel free to comment or e-mail!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Older LGBT Adults - 8/15/12

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Today's show I interviewed Kathleen LaTosch, the special projects consultant for Affirmations, about a very interesting topic, and probably not one that's on your radar: LGBT older adults. The elderly community itself is something that younger generations sometimes don't think much about (until they are part of it), but everyone needs to do their part to make their issues known.

Older LGBT adults have a lot of problems not only with housing, but with typical aging services, such as retirement homes, assisted living, hospice, etc. These are major issues for heterosexual adults, but for LGBT individuals, it can create a whole host of problems. Maybe they're severely closeted, and don't trust others to come into their home for fear of being outed. Maybe they are living with a partner, but cannot live in the same retirement community because of discrimination (which is allowed in Michigan by the way).

Please realize that this could be an older person that you know. Maybe someone at your church or temple. Maybe it's your next door neighbor. An important point that I want to make is that simply talking about the issues can solve the problem, and can make people more aware. If you know an older person, have them take this survey. I also have it linked below. This can help change the discrimination we face in Michigan, and discrimination specifically faced by older LGBT individuals.

Useful Links:
  1. LGBT Older Adult Coalition
  2. LGBT Needs Survey
  3. Affirmations of Ferndale, MI
  4. Relevant article from the New York Times
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

BDSM/Kink Culture - 8/8/12

Alexandria Champagne
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Today was a very special show for multiple reasons, the main one being that we had a very special guest from the Safe Sex Store in Ann Arbor as our interviewee! My good friend Kate was also helping me co-host in the absence of our dear Sonya. Interestingly enough, it was complete serendipity that Kate and I met Alex. One night we were traipsing around Ann Arbor, and decided to browse S3, as you do. Alex was super helpful and hilarious, so I proposed she come on the show, and now we're all best friends, basically.

If you're not familiar with BDSM, here are a few terms we used that might help you wrap your head around it. I would also highly suggest that you check out the links at the bottom of the post for more information, if you're still curious!

Mini-Glossary of Terms: 
  • Sadomasochism: the receiving of pleasure--usually sexual--from acts involving pain or humiliation; sadism (giving pain) and masochism (receiving pain) are very much linked, and most people in kink culture enjoy both to different extents
  • Dominance and submission: behaviors involving a BDSM relationship where there is a clear dominant sexual personality, and a clear submissive personality (which usually translates into top and bottom)
  • Vanilla: those who do not practice BDSM, or engage in borderline BDSM activities; can also refer to clothing or activities that are worn or done by BDSM practitioners
Useful links:
  1. Jim Toy Community Center
  3. Safe Sex Store
  4. Glossary of BDSM terms
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  2. "Indiana Jones Theme" by John Williams
See you next week! If you have any stories or comments, post them here, or e-mail them to me! I would love to talk more about what's on your mind!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sex Olympians - 8/1/12

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Today was a very special episode of the Sex and Tell Show for multiple reasons:
  1. There were about 5 other people in the studio besides me
  2. It was a live show
  3. We got our first caller
  4. Our topic was the best thing ever
The gist of today's show was that Olympic games participants are having copious amounts of sex right now. Yes, right now. While you're watching the Olympics on your TV, there is so much behind-the-scene action that it will blow your mind. Not only do Olympians have lots and lots of sex with each other, but the people running the Olympics actually buy custom condoms in bulk for the occasion! In the episode we'll talk about that, plus why it may or may not be good for the athletes to have sex before their events.

As always, if you have any comments, anecdotes, etc. about the topic, PLEASE e-mail us. We want to know. We need to know. 

Useful links:
  1. Will you still medal in the morning?
  2. Olympics: Sex not a spoiler
  3. 21 Openly Gay Olympians
  4. Olympics or Gay Porn?
Music you heard:
  1. "We Are The Champions" by Queen
Hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording!