Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Roundtable: Real Men™ - 8/22/12

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Lucky for you, I was a bit lazy and didn't want to prerecord anything, so you got a LIVE show out of the deal. To be honest, I love doing live shows, especially when I have cool people like Steph and Elissa with me in the studio.

Today the topic we landed on was about a Jezebel article by Lindy West that I recently came upon and posted on my Facebook. This was a great read, and I got a lot of interesting responses from my friends, which I talked a little bit on the show (no names, don't worry guys). The main ideas of the article are that our society has ingrained us with an idea that there is an ideal kind of woman, and an ideal kind of man, and that we need to get as close as possible to that, as unrealistic, and unreasonable as it might be. Men have unrealistic expectations of how women should dress or act, and women can do the same thing. It's a two way street.

We also touch on a few mildly related topics, such as weddings, communication, and very small dogs. Enjoy the show!

Useful links:
  1. Jezebel article by Lindy West "Everything Real Men Think Is Wrong With You"
See you next week! As always, if you have any comments/suggestions/hate mail, please feel free to comment or e-mail!


  1. Potential idea for Sex and Tell show, if you haven't covered it yet. Are you familiar with the seduction/PUA community? Is it based on scientific principles or pop-psychology fluff? Do you find it to be harmful towards mens perceptions towards women, treating them only as objects and acronyms existing for the sole purpose of sex, or a confidence boosting system that allows men to approach women that they otherwise wouldn't be able to? A fad to steal money from insecure men? etc etc etc.

    1. OOOOOH!!! That would be super interesting! I would love to talk about that! There are so many possibilities and perspectives on the issue!

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