Sunday, May 13, 2012

You found the Sex and Tell Show!

To give you a little summary about what we're doing on the radio, I give you three words: sex, sexuality, and gender. This is a radio show every Wednesday from 6:30-7pm on 88.3 WCBN FM Ann Arbor. The purpose of the show is to educate, entertain, and inform our listeners of various topics within the realms of sex, sexuality, and gender in the most tasteful, academic way possible. That said, we're not experts in this field. We are only curious humans. As much as possible, we intend to bring knowledge people in for interviews on the subject of the day, and simply have a little chat.
Here is a sampling of topics you might/will hear on the air:
  • Coming out
  • Trans issues
  • Genderqueer
  • Sex toys
  • Safe sex
  • Body image
  • College dating/sex
  • Porn
  • Etc.
 We'll have some updates soon, and will be posting the audio every week for you to catch up on, as well as a post about the topic! If you have any questions, topic suggestions, complaints, or would like to be interviewed for the show, feel free to contact

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