Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trans Part 1: MTF Basics - 5/23/12

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For this episode of the 'Sex and Tell Show', we interviewed Sara Jakubowski, who is a transgender woman living in Ferndale, MI, and avid blogger. The major themes of the show are: MTF (male-to-female) transitioning, coming out as trans, gender dysphoria, and how non-trans people can support their friends/family who are trans.

A major topic that, from the very beginning of this show, we wanted to talk about is trans issues and the trans community. It's one of those things that a lot of people are thinking about, but no one's talking about it. In the early stages of the show, we asked around Ann Arbor, and also friends of ours, what kinds of topics they wanted to hear or learn more about, and probably more than 70% of people said "trans issues." People want to know how to react if they meet a trans person. You want to be sympathetic and inoffensive. You want to separate the fact from the fiction, especially with how the political climate is regarding same-sex marriage. The queer community thanks you.

Something important to remember while listening to this show, is that we are just scratching the surface regarding trans issues (thus the title "Trans pt. 1"). We intend to have many more episodes regarding gender, and especially the break-down of terminology regarding various gender identities. If you're curious (which I hope you are), here is a list of terminology to whet your appetite. Also, if you want to hear about specific topics, comment/e-mail us! This show is to help you, so tell us what you want!

If you want to share a story, talk more about resources where you are, or anything, we encourage you to comment here, or e-mail us. Sara is also super nice and would love to talk to you! You can e-mail her at

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Music heard on this show:
  • "Ragged Wood" by Fleet Foxes
  • "Real Love" by Regina Spektor
  • "Son Binocle" from 'Les Trois Valses Distinguées Du Précieux Dégoûté' by Eric Satie
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