Saturday, November 10, 2012

Erotic Ghost Stories - 10/31/12

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OK guys. Are you ready? I've been wanting to do this show since I got back from Radiovision, and I pretty fucking excited, let me tell you what. I bought a book of erotic ghost stories called "The Big Book of Erotic Ghost Stories" at the Museum of Sex. When I showed fellow CBNer Kirsten, she basically said, "You have to read ghost erotic on Halloween on your sex show."

So I did.

Although I'm not entirely done with the book, I'm about half-way through, and I'm pleasantly surprised. Not all erotica is created equal, but a lot of these not only have plot and characters, but hella sexy scenes. As I was editing the first story, I also realized that erotica would make great radio pieces. The sounds and feelings of erotica are so hyper-aware that it calls for a bit more than just reading it (although that in itself is intensely sensual). It calls for the smells of the candles, the feeling of the sweat on your arms, and the tastes of a ghost lover's tongue. Too much for you? Maybe you don't want to listen to this episode then.

Useful links:
  1. The Big Book of Erotic Ghost Stories
  2. Museum of Sex
Music you heard:
  1. "Going Out Of My Head" by Little Anthony & The Imperials
  2. "As Time Goes By" from Casablanca
  3. 28October2012 by John Boyle
In the spirit of Halloween, I thoroughly hope you are equally spooked and aroused. Enjoy!

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