Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bullying Part 1 - 10/3/12

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In light of Bullying Awareness Month, I wanted to have an episode specifically on the kind of bullying that happens with queer kids in high schools, college, work, whatever. Turns out the episode didn't go quite as I planned, in the most glorious way. I'm really pleased with the way the topic went, and especially with my guests.

A major topic we talked about were the ways that people bully, and the kinds of people that bully. Here's the thing: everyone bullies and everyone is bullied. Bullying comes out of insecurity, or ignorance. The only way to stop is to be honest with ourselves about why we're feeling a certain way, and also to not let bullying slide. Ever. It's never OK, and it's not just something kids do. Adults do it too. Companies do it. Politicians do it.

The worst though is when someone is bullied for simply being who they are, which is why this topic is so important for a show like mine. This can pertain to anyone with a body. Whether it's making fun of someone for being overweight, calling someone a slut, or calling someone a fag. You can stop this. You don't have to tolerate it, and you shouldn't tolerate it. Every single person on the planet is so beautiful, and deserve as much respect as anyone else.

Also, as a side note, this episode was not only aired live, but was also filmed live by two wonderful ladies in a documentary film class at the university! Thanks for adding so much energy to the show!

Useful links:
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Music you heard:
  1. Same Love feat. Mary Lambert by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
If you're interested in this topic more, we're having Part 2 of Bullying next week, so definitely listen in. We didn't cover even half of the things I wanted to talk about, and since it's Bully Awareness Month, I think it deserves another show. See you next week!

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