Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sex Before Marriage - 9/25/12

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Today's show is a bit of a hot topic, and I want to take a second to acknowledge it as such. Not everyone will agree with my personal opinions about sex before marriage, and that's absolutely fantastic. If we all had the same views, we would live in a boring world. That said, I try my very hardest to understand other viewpoints, whether I disagree with them or not. I don't expect anyone to agree with me, but I expect respectful discussion, which is something I think our society lacks.

Both this and the topic of same-sex marriage tend to bring up very, very strong emotions. That's natural, but I hope that what you take away from this episode, above all of the other opinions you hear, is that we talk about sex before marriage in a very civilized way. We might have differing opinions, but that doesn't mean we need to be petty. This is why I thought that Jill Filipovic's article was fantastic: it was relatively neutral, and very much empathetic to both sides of the topic. 

I implore you, if you want to talk about this or any subject that you want to discuss with another person, try to follow these rules:
  • Be respectful
  • Put yourself in their shoes before you speak
  • Speak to others as you would like to be spoken to
  • Be objective when you can
  • No yelling
I hope that you enjoy today's show, and I would love to discuss the topic at greater length if you want to post your thoughts, or e-mail me. 

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  2. "Body and Soul" by Billie Holiday
  3. "A Lover Like You" by The Avett Brothers

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kissing and Commumnication - 9/11/12

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I've been thinking a lot about communication lately, and the ways that we tell or show what we mean. That could mean with a partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, whatever, but really it's about everyone we interact with. We all have our ways of communicating, and we connect most with the people that communicate in the most similar way we do. This goes especially for dating. If you can't have a conversation, chances are your sexual communication will be a little off as well. And if you don't kiss the same way, chances are you won't have sex the same way either. Something to think about also is that sometimes kissing takes practice. You don't have to stick to kissing the way you've always been kissing, just like how you shouldn't get yourself in a rut when it comes to your openness to trying new things in the bedroom.

These are the things we think about.

We also talked a bit about toys, and especially male toys, such as cock rings, nipple clamps, and masturbation sleeves! So many fun things!

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  3. What's with the stigma surrounding fleshlights?
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See you next week, my beloved listeners.